She was looking right at me while I was taking her photo as if to say, "Yes Mommy, I know, I'm still the fairest in all the kingdoms "!

More: Isabelle has always been a gentle sweetheart, she make the sadness in your heart ,smile again and talk with a howl that reminds you she's right here, at your feet, next to your bed laying on your feet and you always know what she wants. She very clear on her ability to communicate with you. She's extremely loving, tender, smart, well mannered and a good and trusted friend. When she was a pup, her little ears would purk up out of the high grass, bushes, behind a patio seat like a curious rabbit. Which would be how she got nick named "Easter Bunny" she will always be special. Unfortunately now she suffers from glaucoma, deafness, and join pain that we are told is cancer. But our little warrior fighter is strong and as long as she's not in pain. I will take care of her for all the loyalty ways she has taken care of me and my children. She would not give up on us, I will not give up on her.