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Ivy and Tori on the Missouri River, Bismarck, North Dakota

More: Ivy was a hyperactive puppy just like a lot of them. The difference was she never really stopped wanting to chase that ball her entire life! At one point she chewed up some carpeting and ate a rubber ducky and needed emergency surgery to save her life! She eventually started calming down around five years old. At about seven years old our older Golden Retriever, Molly was sick and had to be put down. We gradually started bringing Ivy to work. I'm a physician in private practice and so I slowly was able to train her to stay in the back hallway and she would lay on the floor and wait for people to go in the back of the clinic and visit her. She knew when it was quiet we didn't have any patients and so then she would walk around and visit all the employees. When the weather was nice so we could keep the door open, she would walk in and out and we never had to worry about her walking away. She would go to the local baseball games and was included in all our marketing and Facebook posts. She was a local star! We have pictures and drawings given to us of her from many people who loved her so much. I have hundreds of pictures and videos of her from the day she was a puppy. She developed cancer at 13 years old and the day I had to put her down, she was still jumping in and out of my truck and hugging me. The love we had for her was incredible. The stories are endless.