Ivy Baine-Douglas

First day home

More: She's the sassiest, sweetest, cuddliest little girl there is! Right now she weighs about 13 pounds at 10 weeks and full grown we're expecting her to be about 65 pounds. She hasn't met a toy she doesn't love! Her absolute favorite toys are her duckies and her tennis balls. Shes also one smart cookie, as she has already learned how to sit and play fetch! She's got the most beautiful caramel colored eyes and is completely red all over. When she plays with my sisters bigger dogs, she has no idea how small she is! She was the 2nd biggest out of her litter of 10 puppies so she definitely is used to throwing her weight around. She's not afraid of anything and will tell you how she really feels, especially if she doesn't get what she wants! We love her so much and hope y'all do too!!