Jac Jack

Feeling At Home At My local Virginia State Park .

More: Jac resides in Clarksville Va.The only town on Kerr lake reservoir. He was Adopted on Valentines day in 2008 from our local ASACP. Along with walking our local state park and many other wild life management and heritage tobacco trails. He enjoys fishing , playing soccer or just lounging on the sand under a shade tree watching boats and the waves roll into shore. Jac is known and loved by many town folks . When one meets Jac for the first time , their first comment is"WOW he is such a calm for a Jack Russell". He had some baggage when we first brought him home, he showed signs of abuse,which we have long overcomed. He loves to hunt moles, and when one has been dugged up and killed , Jac has the respect to bury it. I lost my husband Feburary 2020 to cancer and Jac lost his dad, A few months after Jac developed a sever G I track Infection and 2 hematomas. 2 yrs. later Jac has happily bounced back. Not only is Jac the "Best Boy"! He is my Hero!!