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Jack Frost

Happy Dancing

More: At just 5 weeks old, Jack was abused and left unconscious to die. My husband and I picked up Jack from the animal neurological hospital when he was 7 weeks old, to foster him. When we brought Jack home, he was deaf, blind, and could not stand up. I had to hold him up over his bowl just to feed him. We spent the next 15 months taking Jack to every therapy that could possibly help improve his quality of life. He had physical therapy, water therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, and 50+ sessions of hyperbaric chamber treatments. Jack regained his hearing rather quickly. Through his determination and lots of practice, he learned to stand again, and then walk. We attributed the hyperbaric chamber treatments to his regaining his sight. (We officially adopted Jack on his first birthday). Jack still has many neurological issues due to the trauma he experienced. He suffers from anxiety and his gait is very irregular. But Jack loves to run and jump in the air when we are outside with him. This has become known as his "happy dance." Although Jack would be considered as a special needs pup, one of the few commands he understands is to happy dance. Jack happy dances and acts silly whenever he is outside. He loves the water too. If Jack could speak, I'm sure he would tell you how much he loves life! (I tried to upload several photos, but could only get one photo accepted on this site.