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Let’s play ball.. please?

More: We rescued Jacob 2 years after our “girls” had passed. This was after a move into a historic home with almost 2 acres of property and a kitchen renovation. We found Jacob on a rescue sight and applied for him immediately only to be told he was adopted. My heart sank. A few days later we received a phone call saying he was returned, it didn’t work out in adoptees home, there was several other dogs. We said yes.. we will take him! We set up a home interview, we were approved and a few days later Jacob was in my husbands arms being whisked our of the pet store, it was a meeting spot with the foster. At this point in time we were having difficulty with our son, he has autism, we also lost my in laws as well. Jacob, I feel, came into our lives at the right time, looking back on that time. Jacob has been an amazing companion. He’s keen on your emotions, gets us out of the house to play ball and loves to snuggle. When people ask if we rescued him, I say “No.. he rescued us”. His foster mommy likes to say Jacob hit the jack pot when we share photos of Jacob running in the yard, swimming in the pool or riding shot gun next to my husband in the 52’ Ford. Oh no.. we did ❤️🥰🐶