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Jagermeister's Park Adventure

More: Jagermeister is an absolute blast! He loves exploring outside, has a fun-loving game oriented personality. In this particular foto, he is getting ready to point at squirrels. He's very expressive and turns his head when you ask him questions -- His eyes are very distinctive & he will stare you down with his full attention when you speak to him. He definitely thinks he's human & loves to hop into our truck and have his "activity" time. He's a great retriever and is obsessive about tennis balls. He is very high-maintenance and loved by his family & friends. He is extremely fit & weighs 72-74 lbs. He comes from a champion show-dog Weimaraner breeder & was the little fatty bear of his litter-mates -- you wouldn't know that if you saw him today -- also -- he loves to have his picture taken and doesn't ever pose!!! He knows he's handsome!