Where’s the ball?!?

More: Jeff has a memory of around seven seconds. He sometimes wanders outside then suddenly gets very panicky as his seven-second memory is wiped clean. "What am I doing here? Where am I? It amuses me and perhaps  as my 'black dog' he does it for my benefit.  That said, where food is concerned he knows 'food' comes out of the fridge; no seven second memory failure. Ever.  He is phenomenally intelligent. He has a deep, kind soul and appears to really understand what I'm saying when we hang out together. I'm convinced he regularly communicates me with me, there's is so much wisdom in those deep eyes, I feel he is something akin to a dog genius. He seems to be very amused whenever I have a little too much to drink and attempt to dance. It pleases him. Every waking hour he's like a child on Christmas morning, he lollops around hunting for fun. This also pleases him and me. He has lots of amazing skills, full body wiggle; although his best is telling time; promptly informs me with when it's time for food or walkies.  Furniture is to share. Woe behold if you don’t; a pleasant 'body slam' to make room; he's happy; I'm squashed. That's acceptable. You'll never be alone. Ever. Even in the loo. Fact.  He understands toys need washing and promptly drops in a freshly run bath; much to my annoyance; his pleasure. Humans are friends and promptly greats with an ear lick & nibble.  His party trick, legs akimbo waiting for tummy rub.  Tail wagging is happens even when sleeping.  In summary - the greatest dog. Ever. Fact.