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Land or water - this pup is full of adventure!

More: Jefferson is a tri-color Llewllin Setter born in TN and now living in Atlanta, GA with his family. Jefferson was born on the 4th of July and his family has big ties to the University of Virginia. For both of those reasons, Jefferson's namesake is Thomas Jefferson! When Jefferson was just 8 weeks old, he helped his dad propose to his mom in Highlands, NC. She said "yes!" As Jefferson's dad was planning for the proposal, Jefferson (before even joining the family) had earned the nickname "the proposal puppy." Jefferson is already exceptionally well-traveled, and in his young life, has been to the mountains, lakes, and the beach. Jefferson's instincts are impeccable, tapping into his energetic birddog nature whenever he is out and about. Jefferson loves BIG and few things make him happier than sticks, big fuzzy blankets, and snuggling with his parents.