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Mr handsome

More: Jerome is the most laid back puppy we have ever owned. He loves every person and pup he comes in contact with. He loves the outdoors and was very surprised to learn he can swim. If it’s the beach or the mountains he is up for exploring it all by our side. He likes to run ahead a bit and comes right back to very excitedly report his findings. He then takes about a 4 hour nap and is ready to do it all over again. We love him with all our hearts. His breeder is awesome and we keep in touch regularly with all his siblings. They are all so similar but different. But they all have the same laid back temperament and sweet disposition. Jerome will do anything to please us and just wants our love (and a little tasty treat too)! We love our Orvis personalized side release buckle collar. He doesn’t wander far but just incase we know he can always be identified.