Jimmy & Lexi

Rescued is my favorite breed #fluffyblackrescuedogs

More: In March we had to say goodbye to our 14.5 year old baby Kylie. She was our first rescue and the original #fluffyblackrescuedogs. Jimmy and Lexi are carrying on with heavy hearts and big paws to fill. Jimmy loves being close to his Momma, walks and squeaky balls. He has never met someone who hasn't fallen in love with his sweet easy going disposition. Lexi is a ball of mischief! She loves to be around her Mom and Dad and is a big fan of beating up and tackling her big brother. Her nickname is Trouble, although she's calming down as she approaches 4 years old. She knows she's our 'adorable, little, baby angle'. We love all three of our #fluffyblackrescuedogs!!! #2hereand1inheaven thanks for the chance!