Checkin' out the tractor

More: He is shy but friendly, he was raised with chickens and was my "rooster" dog, he protected me from my mean rooster but did so without hurting him. He loves to chase squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits. his best friend (besides me) is our 28 lb Maine Coon cat Tigger. Joey loves to be outside but is very aware of his boundaries, he does not wander off or go deep into the woods without me. His favorite thing to do is to take a walk up in the mountains with me. He knows many human words and commands, he sits, shakes, lays down, speaks, and "whispers" which is a quiet speak. I've owned many dogs in my lifetime, Joey is the smartest and most obedient dog I have ever had. I believe all he wants to do is please me and he was like that from the day I adopted him. He was being fostered by a family and the little girl would put him in her nightgown and carry him around near her tummy, that is how he got his name.