Josey Mae Enterline

Loving the View!

More: Josey is one of two Golden’s we have. She's a great big sister to Jessy. Josey loves water and fishing. If she isn't fishing alongside my husband, then she's swimming. Josey sits along the lakeshore or river bed in the shallow water waiting for the next fish her dad brings in on his fly pole. Josey is adamant and obsessive, waiting for the next fish to arrive close to her. She doesn't do much when the fish is close to the shore; she's excited to see the fish swim and watch it swim away. She waits again for the next one. Josey is a treat, and we are lucky to have her love us as much as we love her. She's a Golden Retriever who loves her sis and her people, and she's happy to go on adventures with her humans.