Let's play ball!

More: Jules is a rescue dog. She was in the shelter for 3 years with no inquiries. She was found as a stray prior to that. I have no idea why she wasn't adopted except that she was meant to be with me and my family. The shelter even brought in a reporter to do a story on her so she could find a home, and it was posted on facebook and Twitter, which is how we found her. Even with thousands of views, we were still the only ones who went to see her. In spite of everything she's been thru, she is such a kind, sweet, loving dog. My family adopted her after seeing her story on Twitter, and even though we weren't looking for a dog, we knew we had to rescue her. Of course, she ended up rescuing us. We had just lost my dad a couple of years prior, and my mom moved in with us but was still grieving immensely. We live in a pet free complex but got a note from her psychiatrist that they recommended an emotional support dog so we could adopt Jules. At first, the property manager didn't think we'd get approved because of her breed, but we were approved within an hour. My mom's doctor noticed how much happier my mom was since Jules moved in. She is even named after my dad. His name is Giulio, but my mom would call him Jules, so that's how we came up with her name. She is truly our angel. She is also a positive story for all shelter dogs not to give up hope. After the reporter did an update on her happy ending, we created an Instagram page for people to see her new life and heard from so many people, even in Australia, on how happy they were for her and how it gave them hope for other dogs that hadn't found homes yet. Every dog has their day, truly!