Junebug's 1st birthday

More: Junebug is a super friendly, fun, and outgoing deaf and slightly seeing impaired Pomeranian. She's down for adventures with her people. She loves meeting new people and animals. We say Junebug lives to try and bite the horizon every single day! ☀️ We think Junebug may have been part of an accidental double Merle litter. With double Merles, you will likely end up with a litter with severe genetic defects. Junebug is deaf and a little seeing impaired but her eyes are beautiful along with her soul. She was also born without grooves for her knee caps. Her hips are also out of alignment. We've had 1 knee repaired so far. It was a 5 month process of healing and physical therapy. We rescued Junebug because she chose us. She watched us walk into the rescue event and was standing up in the crate to see us. She settled right on my chest and took a nap. Then, she was a perfect angel for about 36 hours before she turned full on Muppet. 🤣 Junebug is quite the character and is a handful sometimes. We've worked really hard over the last 2 years to train Junebug with hand signals. She really is the bestest girl and reminds us every day to not take things too seriously. Things could always be way worse. Junebug is a constant reminder to embrace the life you have and to enjoy the small joys of life. Also, Junebug is very photogenic with all of her unique markings, baby blue eyes, and her huge under bite!