Kaliphi Oeuvre de Bailen (aka “Bailen”)

Naturally, Briard.

More: Bailen is amazing as well as just flat out adorable! He’s almost done with his service dog training. He’s incredibly intuitive as he marks on when I will have an ocular migraine 1-2 hours before it happens which gives me plenty of time to get home before I am unable to see. He lets me know I am needing to use my asthma rescue inhaler, he helps me with balance, and picks up things I drop as I have Dupuytren's contracture. He also marks on people with cancer. He’s currently training for scent work due to my severe allergy to shellfish. He’s picked up on it quite quickly. He’s a smart boy. He’s also very playful and loving along with being highly intelligent. He is the epitome of a Briard.