Playing in water on a camping trip

More: She a loving puppy who loves people, dogs, & cats. Always giving kisses, even licks the air when she is getting her belly rubbed. She loves playing outside and cuddling on the couch. She likes to take care of their cat siblings and she even taken care of a foster kitten who going to at home care after going through a trauma. Kitty was at first not able to move but after a few days gained his footing and Keilah walked near the kitty and nudged him every time he would fall or had a hard time figuring out where to walk. She has enjoyed going camping and going on hikes and playing the what ever what is near by. Seeing the small forest creature so that she is so curious of. She has a big heart for a dog and I love that I toke her home as a puppy of only 13 weeks. She has been a big comfort for to me and maybe me more outgoing than I was.