Summer afternoon in the lavender fields

More: The way this little guy runs thru our lavender fields … I’d swear he’s our big brown thoroughbred who is now our Angel … his spirit returned in the form of this more than full of life pup! Strikey was a retired racehorse who came to live with us when his human mom died unexpectedly. We had the honor of Strikey enjoying his retirement years, grazing our fields & helping us raise rescued ponies. What an amazing teacher he was! And goodness could he run! This field, which Kekoa is enjoying & is now filled with lavender, used to be one of Strikey’s pastures. The way this little brown bear runs thru the fields like he owns them … like he’s home again & bursting with joy … every once in awhile has me asking … “Strikey, is that you?” Did you return in the form of this little brown bear? As he sure runs with heart & speed … just like you. ❤️