Pitbull or Land Hippo?

More: King is an American Pitbull Terrier who has so much magic and love to give! King and his mom spend a lot of their time advocating for the bully breeds in person and on social media! King is kind, loving, gentle (despite his size), and filled with spunk! King enjoys going on long walks and hikes and getting all of the pets from people (he prefers to always take the muddy or water filled path - thank goodness for the Orvis car seat covering). A lot of people ask questions about King (like if he is mean or aggressive) and that gives us an opportunity to advocate for him and dogs that look like him. In October, King held an event (King's Walk for the Bullies) where we were able to raise $750 dollars for a Pitbull Organization (Barbells for Bullies). King and along with 20+ other dogs and their owners walked and raised the money to help rescue bully type breeds! King would love nothing more than to be the cover dog and continue to advocate for this breed!