Must you always go to work.....

More: Kodak was found as a stray in Roane County, WV. I had a colleague that was looking for a dog, I worked in rescue in my spare time, she ask me to look for them. I kept getting messages about what they wanted in a dog. Every time I put these attributes into the search, the same dog came up, Susie. I c as led the shelter and made arrangements for the family to come see Susie. Unfortunately, at the end of the day they changed their mind about getting a dog. I called the shelter and told them the family wasn’t coming The lady knew I was in rescue, she told me they were Susies last chance and Susie was out of time......I told her to hold Susie, a friend would be there to pick her up ASAP. Best $65.00 I ever spent. I named her Kodak and we have been best friends ever since.