Koda Leigh Ellis

“The mountains are pawing and I must go.” - John Muir (I think)

More: Koda is a playful and adventurous one year old sable GSD who is obsessed with the outdoors. Her favorite hobby is catching her red Kong frisbee off of the dock at the lake. I am an officer in the Army, and my wife is an accountant working from home. When the pandemic hit and our work tempo slowed, we finally jumped on an idea that had stirred in us for a while and found Koda. Her birthday was the EXACT same day as mine and when we saw all ten pounds of her hopping across the breeder’s yard towards us we knew she was our pup. We take her camping when I run my ultra-marathons and she is the PERFECT race crew companion. While I change socks she licks off all the sweat to clean me up to keep the miles going. Koda would be the perfect fit to represent Orvis.