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More: I volunteer at North Shore Animal League America when I can. I also foster sick dogs for them till they are ready to be adopted. I wasn’t looking for a 3rd dog-( I have 2 others) I foster failed Kovu. His story: He needed a place (possible hospice situation) to spend Christmas last year so he would not spend it alone In the shelter. They asked me if I’d consider fostering him because they didn’t know if he would survive and he was on several medications and half his normal weight- fighting off Lyme disease AND IMHA disease. The Vet had to cut off 2 toes and half his tail because they had died from the illnesses. How could I leave this dog to possibly die alone in a shelter? Fast forward about a year and He is currently a happy, active, healthy & loving dog. We don’t know what the future will bring - a possible recurrence or something disease related - but we know he will be with us to the end. One of the best and most loyal dogs we have ever had.