Kylo (Ren) it’s a Star Wars reference

Dock Duty. ( He's watching the kids swimming at the end of the Dock. And he also took good habits from our Newfoundland who just passed away and watching the kids for lifeguard duty.)

More: First time foster Mom here..There's a lot 😞 In 2020 we all were faced with the Pandemic and I didn't know how to handle it with four kids home. We were all always home all the sudden so we decided to foster a dog and her five puppies. It started all great. Mabel ( part Newfie/ rot?) loved our family so much. Then unfortunately she got very protective and started getting aggression. I spent 2 months trying to help her. Got all the dogs happily adopted. Asked for help multiple times from the adoption agency. They evaluated her first with a therapist to tell us what to do with her agression. A month later the vaccination nurse came and was lunged / almost bit. Three bite attempts later to other visitors by the time the vet saw her at the rescue clinic they put her down within 2 hours. I just wanted a better chance for her. And that's why we kept her puppy, has a very sweet, loyal heart but I think all of the pups and mom are never given a great chance other than what we tried to do for them. I felt like Mom was just doing her job. And my heart was broken. When they chose to put her down,it was not my choice. Kylo loves wildlife and has been a great addition to our family. But I do think he's a COVID/pandemic baby and needs little bit more training but he has a great heart just like Mabel did. 💔💖💔