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Laddie at Deep Creek Lake

More: First of all he the best dog ever! I rescued him for a great organization in Southern Pennsylvania Called Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue. From the moment i set eyes on him, I knew he was a very special doggo. His personality brings a smile to my face through thick or thin, bad days, good days, sunny days, rainy days, any day really. He has so much love and playfulness, enough to last 2 life times. Me and Laddie have grown and bonded together in a way where we both know, "we are meant to be be BEST FRIENDS." I cannot imagine life without this special boy. He loves truck rides, chasing the squirrels in the back yard. Playing "come catch me" at the dog park or with the other dogs at a camping trip. Long walks in the neighborhood, jumping into any body of water are a must. Most of all, life would not be the same without him by my side.