Regal Lady

More: I rescued Lady off her first owners back porch when the owner past away. She lived the first three years there on a 20 foot chain in a dirty crate with plastic slats for a door all year round Including Connecticut winters. She was obese, had heart-worm, chronic ear infections, two tick-borne diseases and flea infestation but she was sweet & trusting. It took about six months to get her fit and healthy and it helped that she had two other Labrador companions to play with. It took a few years for me not to trip over her because she rarely left my side. She loves to run free in the woods and swim at our river cottage and has been a wonderful family member. She is now an old lady at 15 & still gets around okay (occasionally with help) and is happy. My black lab pup Pookie is her best friend who plays very gentle with her and cleans her ears just about every day!