Lafayette (Un Lafayette Des Vallees De Longeronnaises of Kiloudenis)

Give me the treat and nobody gets hurt

More: He is a Junior Champion in Ireland, has three titles, qualified for Crufts and after 15 months, with one more win, will be an Irish Champion. The Basset Bleu is a rare Basset Hound (there are 6 breeds of Basset) that is used for hunting rabbit/hare/boar and roe deer. They are a native breed from France coming from the Gascony region of France and are still used for hunting/scent tracking in France. They are a quick, agile and extremely clever breed. They are an aloof breed and need persistent training. There are also four breeds of Bleu De Gascogne in different sizes, they are the Basset Bleu, Petit Bleu, Griffin Bleu and Grand Bleu. The Grand Bleu De Gascogne would have been used to help develop the early stages of the Blue Tick Coonhound in the U.S.. Lafayette was brought over from France to Ireland in June 2023. He is a much loved member of the family and has a great personality. They are a wonderful breed!