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Snow Day Distraction

More: Lewey is an adopted Hound/Bulldog mix. In August, I adopted him after my Labrador passed from soft tissue sarcoma (a complete shock for myself and the vet). I send donations sometimes to a local no-kill shelter and had noticed him when I still had my sweet dog. I learned from the shelter that he had lived with an older man in an RV his entire life. When his owner passed, the sister took him in but could not care for him. He was at the shelter for about five months. I thought he looked spunky and cute. I scheduled a meet and greet and brought him home the same day. The entire ride home he licked my face as I was driving. He STILL thinks one of my chairs is his... so I'm assuming he had one in his RV. He is a total goofball and jumps across the room when he plays with his toys. He loves his new friend, Felix, the black cat. Felix is letting him know who is boss around the house. His favorite time of day is afternoon walks when I get home from work. He also loves a daily car ride. He's living his best life and has stolen my heart.