On Alert at Putnam Park, Connecticut’s Valley Forge

More: Lexi is one of eleven in her Bethel, Maine liter. A tri-color ESS. She loves our grandson, Jakie, who runs in circles in our yard with Lexi in pursuit! We live in a coverted barn with a fox den in Bethel, Connecticut. Putnam Park is her daily walk - even more fun when grandchildren are visiting from California! Lexi is very lovable - typically a “velcro” springer - and wears Orvis gear like her predecessors: Cole (14) whom we lost last Summer sadly and before Cole, Marley who lived to age 17 and climbed all the Presidentials. Cole loved Huntington Park - and lexi is following in their paw steps !! Cole’s slicker oil treated Orvis rain coat is still too large. However Lexi’s name is in her orange collar and our phone number ( she’s wearing it in photo) and Orvis harness is perfect !! Lexi loves our Wrangler, top down !!