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This is what freedom looks like

More: Lillie and her sister, Holly I saw in a filthy cage while taking an Amish farm tour. I asked the tour guide if he can ask the farmer if I could adopt the two sisters. He surprisingly agreed to one, Holly. For two and a half months I couldn’t stop thinking about poor Lillie who had a bad injury to her hip and was now in the cage alone with no shelter or bed just laying on cold cement in the middle of the winter. I relentlessly texted the Amish farmer and finally he agreed to me coming to get Lillie. Lillie was filthy and petrified. I got them spayed and they are the loves of my life. People say how lucky they are but I am the lucky one. Both had no names or ages when I got them so I named Holly because she came before Christmas and Lillie because she came before Easter and their birthday is Hollys gotcha day.