Lil Wilbur

Living In The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Southwest Virginia

More: Lil Wilbur was a gift to me by a total stranger and Corgi Breeder. The breeder reached out to me through Facebook and wanted to gift him to me. To heal my very broken heart from a disease just like ALS called, Degenerative Myelopathy. That all 3 of my previous beloved Corgis died from. This is a horrific disease. And operates exactly like ALS. This disease can be prevented through DNA testing the prospective parents and applying the results with selective breeding choices. Wilbur's breeder uses this valuable testing tool and Lil Wilbur will never get Degenerative Myelopathy. A total gift of love and humanity. We are from upstate, NY. Salem. 40 minutes from Manchester, VT. We now live in the beautiful plateau of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Copper Hill, VA. 15 minutes from Wilbur's breeder. A total stranger. And then a gift of love and now a life long friendship and living in this beautiful area of the United States.❤️ Which is like Heaven. Lynn, Lil Wilbur's breeder is a true living angel on earth.