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More: We had just been approved to adopt from a rescue when Linus popped up as a puppy. It was perfect timing, and it felt like a sign that his name was Linus because my dog, Lucy, had passed away the year before. My partner, John, whose long passed Rottweiler, Luther, was hesitant about getting another dog. I made the rational argument that because we are John and Jess, it makes sense that we would have Luther, Lucy, and Linus. Linus is the is the loveliest, most gentle goofball we've ever known. We let him sleep across our pillows, sit his 90lb tush on our laps, faithfully believe he understands his light up buttons, try not to give him too much "vanibs" (vanilla ice cream), and sing embarrassing songs to him. We love to smooch him on his big pink maus (mouth), cradle his chin and sing, " French vanilla, rocky road, chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough... sprinklessssss!!!!!" In honor of his white fur, furrowed brow, dark brown fur, light brown fur, his one chocolate chip ear, and his spots. It goes without saying that he is the most patient dog in the world.