Little Maggie Moo

Happy Happy Dog Dog

More: Maggie is a rambunctious 7 yo lab. She loves to swim, bark, hunt pheasant and more importantly be with her hoomans. Her best friend is her niece, scout (black lab). She worries about her fury peeps and human peeps; always making sure the pack is together even when others aren’t part of her pack. She is very sassy, but obedient and vocalizes her opinion with a sassy bark, compliant groan (“I will comply, but not because I agree, only because it will result in me being put outside and away from you.”) Maggie also communicates with her eyes informing us of her disgust, concern, and that she is using her mind power to get a bite of food. A snuggle bug, she loves to be on our pillows when she is allowed on the bed.