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A Serene Smile on a Sunny Day

More: Lola is one of the most incredible, resilient dogs I've ever met. She was rescued from a hoarding situation with 15 other chihuahuas, and at age 3, had never been outside, walked on a leash, or met other humans. When we adopted her, it took a long time for her to get used to so many things (including us), but when we put her down on grass for the first time, she took off sprinting with more happiness than I have ever seen a dog emit. Since then, we've taken her on tons of outdoor adventures—swimming in a lake, riding on a boat, hiking through forests, running on the beach, and more—and she's loved every second of it. She's become a totally different dog since we adopted her; one with an unmatched love for life and without a mean bone in her body, and we can't wait for more adventures.