She's a rescue, though not via a shelter - vet sweet, smart, and eager to please

More: In this picture LoLa relaxes after a 2+hr hike, in the backseat with her brother Spunky ( a Carolina dDog), and sister Kaio Te', also a Husky. She could well represent those dogs adopted for their beauty, but their owners are not prepared to meet that breed's specific needs, such as much exercise. By the time she came to our house ( my two dogs n I), she had been crated for many days in a row on a regular basis, not trained to be housebroken, severely punished for not being housebroken, so she had come to believe that humans do not want her to pee or poop eveR..! So she would always hide n be very sneaky when having to do her business... Therefore it has been very hard to fix her understanding of such matters, but she is now self-initiating going out a new dog door I had installed soon after her arrival. I am a self taught trainer, and I believe LoLa's story qualifies her as ambassador for many beautiful animals that end up in the shelter and are often returned there until they may ultimately be put down, due to owners lack of understanding of breed's needs and/or not making the effort to get themselves trained, all ultimately at the cost of many wonderful animal's lives...