Lottie da di


More: She is family spoiled pet. She doesn’t know she is a dog, understands English & some sign language. we get compliments all the time about how good and beautiful she is. She lays on the back of the couch like she is a small dog, and on top of it as close to any of us as she can get. Lottie allows kids to dress her up in almost any including their clothes. She loves to sit and watch any type ball game and next minute she loves to chase and hunt squirrels and rabbits in the woods we live in. She visits the school and many kids events she is usually the attraction. She is a full bread standard poodle, was purchased by a breeder as a pup and came to us as a foster and we adopted her and she is now just a great pet, that we have had since she was a baby. She is and would be an amazing spokedog for orvis as she loves to be outside, hunt, sporting events, walks and runs. (Oh and my photo is of her Halloween contest where she won 1st place with her human kids )