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LouLou Petunia Harris

Striking A Pose for the Orvis Cover During Our Mountain Vacation

More: LouLou is through and through an adventure pup! She loves being outdoors with her humans (mom and dad). She lives in Pawleys Island, SC and loves going to the beach just about everyday to play in the ocean. She loves taking golf cart rides and has never met a stranger! LouLou loves traveling, she gets to camp, stay in hotels and visits family or friends out of state in Colorado! One day we are going to hike the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). Her favorite toy is her blue Chuck It whistle ball and the occasional Bully Bone. Living at the beach LouLou invites all of her fur friends to visit. This past weekend her two cousins Chloe (Stberdoodle) and Kastle (Mastador) plus her niece Luna (German Shepard Mix) came for a weekend of play! LouLou also loves to garden with her mom. When it’s time to relax LouLou gets on her Cot with a tent attachment and mom gets in the hammock to read! Last but not least LouLou LOVES to shop at our local Orvis located in Myrtle Beach at Market Commons. She is always greeted with her favorite treats in the shape of a B and a fresh bowl of water! She is a member of Orvis and wears her neckerchief and Orvis tag on her collar. Thank you for your consideration we hope to win this awesome opportunity! Sincerely Catherine (mom) & LouLou Petunia Harris