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Did someone say "pose"?

More: Luce is playful (with both dogs and humans), energetic, silly, loving, and the best cuddler! When outside, she loves to greet every dog and human we pass, sniff every blade of grass, and steer us toward the dog park to see her friends and boyfriend. When we are home, you can find her where we are. She will lay on us whether it's her entire 60 lb body, her head, or just her paws. She needs to have some piece of her on some piece of us. It was extremely challenging finding one photo to capture all of her qualities as we have an abundant amount of pictures describing the aspects that make her who she is. We even have a video of her on her hind legs brushing her teeth with her dad at the bathroom sink. When we adopted her, we found out that her name (Luz)means light in Spanish. Although her coat is the opposite of light, her name couldn't be more fitting for what she brought into our lives!