Lucky dog loves going small town exploring with us.

More: She is a rescue dog. Was a 10 month old puppy when I found her in a kill shelter - apparently the previous owner didn’t realize how big she would get and so gave her away. So that’s why we named her Lucky. Not only was it good luck that I found her before she was euthanized, but my good luck. She brings me immense joy and is the most wonderful four legged best friend in the world. She goes with us to all the kids soccer games, the teams love to see her on the sidelines and she loves all the attention. She LOVES running free on the beach and in the shallow creek at our favorite park. She is very snuggly when she wakes up in the morning. I work from home so she is my constant companion - lays nearby for belly rubs under my desk, constantly at attention at the window to protect me from squirrels in the tree outside, spoiled rotten going out to her big backyard whenever she pleases all day long to bark at dogs walking by and birds in the trees or just roll in the grass to her hearts content. I truly am the lucky one, her sweet soul is the exact comfort I’ve needed to get me through a very difficult two years and I am so grateful that we found each other.