my lil cowboy

More: Lucky is the best most amazing unique animal i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He loves hard. when he wants attention and love he’s not afraid to come throw himself at you until you hold him. I always catch him staring at me and can see how much he loves me. This dog amazes me daily. He can even play catch and fetch by himself and throw what he’s playing with. also he’s the fastest runner i’ve ever seen he even escaped two coyotes when he was younger they actually had him by his bum and somehow they let go and he was running like something was after him he jumped inside the car and i knew something wasn’t right so i slammed my door shut that’s when we saw two coyotes looking for my baby. After that he didn’t walk himself no more let alone leave the drive way without me. He wouldn’t even jump out of the car i had to carry him from then on til this day. I have never had a dog that does the unique crazy things he’s capable of. i have never loved anything this hard. he’s my best friend my soulmate in a dog of that makes sense. everyone who sees him wants him and thinks he’s the cutest little button and i don’t disagree.