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Enjoying the wildflowers

More: We found Lucy when she was just 6 months old, abused and most likely used as a bait dog for a very unscrupulous dog owner. She ran up to us in the middle of the street, and was starving with scars and mange. We immediately saw how sweet she was and so timid, but still wanting love and affection. After having her checked out for a chip ( there was none) and posting signs in the neighborhood we found her in with no response, she became a part of our family. She is happiest when outside, hunting for lizards (Lucy the lizard hunter) or just enjoying watching the world go by. She loves traveling and goes to our home in the mountains, vacations at the beach and exploring lakes. Everywhere we can go outside, she is excited to be there. She loves snuggling on the couch almost as much as she loves exploring outside, but these days as she has gotten older, very much needs her orvis jackets to stay warm. She also loves a good fire to settle in close by and keep warm. We cannot imagine traveling with out her and always plan our vacation around where she can go with us to enjoy the sights. Pitbulls get such a bad rep due to horrible owners that train them in awful ways, when left to their own devices, these dogs are beautiful, loyal and loving. Lucy is every bit of these qualities and we want others to know how wonderful this breed can be.