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Her Happy Place

More: Lucy was a rescue I adopted through Summit County Dog Rescue. She was a day from being euthanized in New Mexico. She is the sweetest dog. LOVES people. Lucy is still like a puppy. Still hikes in the mountains 3 x a week with my friend Ted, her pack and BFF Blu. (My knees are shot!) He takes amazing photos. They actually pose for him. He takes amazing photos and is seriously a dog whisperer. Ted Gualtier of Denver. Lucy is sits on the balacony in 90 degree weather and when its below I live in the city in Denver. She would be outside 24/7 if she could. She is definitely a hunter! Stocks bunnies and squirrels very slowly. I always say "You know they can see you" My sweet girl. Summit County Rescue puts photos on Facebook of dogs that are going to be euthanized so they can find loving families. People in Colorado love their dogs!! There is a volunteer transport that picks up the dogs from the shelters in New Mexico and brings them up through Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver. Thank God for them.