Lucy at Earthquake Lake MT - July 4, 2019

More: Lucy was acquired by my husband in 2011 in Seattle WA, when the man who originally owned her couldn’t keep her, since he’d gotten an apartment that wouldn’t allow pets. Before this, they had lived together on the streets in the city. Since then, Lucy has grown into the greatest adventure companion anyone could ask for! She’s hiked all through WA and MT, including the entire Beaten Path in the Absaroka-Beartooths! She’s opened her heart up to so many people and animals, and her fur-mily has grown immensely. As a mature lady, she’s slowed down, but if you look closely as she sleeps, you can catch her dreaming about past fishing trips, camping excursions, and backpacking treks. In her later years, she’s content to sit on the porch, and watch the birds at the feeder, and “woof” at the occasional squirrel. Currently, Lucy is battling heart disease, and our hearts break as we navigate this new stage in her life, and begin to contemplate her eventual passing. However, we’ll be left with beautiful photos that match with amazing memories of all her adventures. Lucy is a good dog.