Lucy, JoJo, Daisy, Koda & Ruger

My Crew

More: The only way you can have 5 dogs is if they are all well behaved and all of mine are. I spend a lot of time training them and they are all great dogs. I take my Aussie and Lab to work everyday with me and they are inseparable, and the best of friends. This is why I got another one for my lab so he could have a buddy as he really is a great dog and I want to make sure all my dogs have the best life possible so now they all have playmates....I am a dog mom for life and would love to showcase my babies on the cover, they bring me so much joy. I bought a Toyota 4 runner just so my boys would be able to have a car with a back window that rolls all the way down in the back for them, I get so much joy at how people react to seeing them, they wave and take pictures of them, they really make others smile and I love that.