Lucy & Mitzi

Sister love ;)

More: Smart, healthy, sweet, loving fur humans! They are part of our family and every day lives. They take care of us and each other as sisters. Mitzi is a deer head and Lucy is our apple head chihuahua. They love to play outside and lay in the sunshine! They enjoy going to get their nails clipped and a taco afterwards. Mitzi is hyper and very fast with energy that goes on for days. Lucy is more of a grandma and likes to go to her kennel and hang out by herself from time to time. Hey Lucy loves her bath and would like one every day if you gave her one. Mitzi just tolerates them. Mitzi was a stray who was neglected. Lucy was severely abused. It took us 4 months to get a collar on her. Lucy is very very very scared of storms and loud noises! She still has nightmares and moments of mistrust but has transitioned to us and her new lifestyle better then anyone could have ever imagined! She was not in our plans to keep originally(we already had Mitzi and were just going to foster Lucy) but things have of a way of working out just like they should! :) :) :) thank you for learning about the Johnsons from Louisiana!!