July 4th, 2020....GOD BLESS AMERICA🇺🇸

More: The smartest, most affectionate, totally in tuned to everything we do and think...Luke was born with a 200 + word vocabulary. Brings my Husband’s socks, shoes and pants to him EVERY MORNING! Looks through our eyes as though he was looking through our souls. We’ve had Dogs our whole lives and after losing our last baby of 18 years, we were so distraught that it took us 2 years before Cool hand Luke found my Husband. We’d bring bags of newspapers to our North Shore Animal League and I couldn’t go inside but my Husband was the one who, after dropping off the newspapers, asked to see the puppies....Luke was in an upper cage just eyeballing my husband, no barking, just locking in with his eye contact. My Husband came out to me and after years of dropping off newspapers, seeing all the dogs and saying “just a bunch of dogs”... he said I think we’re in trouble..... We were 65 and 70 and researching the needs of Border Collies...thinking are we doing the best for this Baby, can we give him the life he needs and deserves...Our answer was YES...We hula hoop, play Frisby, play catch, go for rides in the truck, play with his toys, naming each one and trying , to this day to be able to cut his nails...filing them doesn’t give ME the upper Paw?🤦‍♀️ Filing is NOT my my choice, ... I WILL figure this one out!! We did this for 18 years prior..Next chapter Our connection, then COVID, we’re more than absolutely BONDED❤️🤗🙏❤️