Front Porch Happiness

More: Luke was found with his mother and brother on an abandoned farm. From May-Nov of 2019, I was in and out of hospitals with a mystery illness that was killing me. I spent 3 weeks in Cleveland Clinic, alone and 1000s of miles away from my children, with organ failure and failure to thrive slowly taking me. When I was finally diagnosed and treatment began, I slowly started gaining weight and getting better. But, during that terrifying time, one of the things that made me saddest was thinking that I would never get to see my two young kids experience the joy of a new puppy. I had been dreaming what this would be like and praying I would be well enough to make it happen. The whole time, I had a visual in my mind of a specific puppy and I knew his should be Luke. A few months later, in January 2020, when I was getting better, I was attending a birthday party at a mall in Atlanta. As I came down the escalator, I saw a rescue adoption event taking place and someone was holding Luke. I was the puppy that I had visualized for months. I knew then that he was meant to be our dog. I did not know that life would change so drastically just after getting him. He has been an answer to prayers and the perfect dog for our family. He loves his pack more than anything, is calm and kind and I can't even remember what it felt like before he was family.