Getting warm in the sun.

More: Luna was a rescue dog who we rescued when she was 8 weeks old. My husband and Luna love to go hiking Last February my husband and her were in a car accident on the way to hike. Luna got scared and tan from the truck….she went missing in the woods for 2 days. We combed the area for 2 days. The Find Toby lady in the area told us dogs are on the move at night to stay warm (especially bc there was snow on ground). We went up at 330 am and drove around yelling her name. We drove up where my husband and her park to go hiking and Luna came running from the woods thru the parking lot to our car. What a complete miracle & was not hurt, didn’t have any injuries at all! Believe or not she was not cold, not her feet or anything. She jumped in the car onto my lap & I just hugged her tightly. My husband was hugging her from drivers seat. I squeezed her tight the whole way home as she just melted in my arms. You could tell she was so happy and relived. She’s an amazing puppy!!! We can’t say enough about her! She cracks up daily that our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.