Luna and Baxter

Morning playtime with my bestie.

More: Luna was a purchased pup who although she is stranger shy, is the silliest most mischievous dog I have ever owned. No purse, bag, suitcase, bath scrubbie, chocolate bar, loaf of bread, taco, or treat is safe from her snuffling chuffing nose. She instigates play with all our fur babies. She is the chief button pusher around here. Baxter, the yang to her ying, is an 88 pound basset hound lab mix who is the calm foil to her antics. My dog sitter insisted we try him as a companion for her, and from the very first moment he walked in.....he has been home. He is the jealous little brother, the sad eyed pup always looking for food or a belly rub. He will knock any pet out of the way to steal a hug or cuddle. He is sweet where she is nervous. He is laid back where she is excitable. While she surveys the back yard from the patio; my Baxter goes on surveillance missions to every corner; reporting on everything. “All is well, my lady Lu”.