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Luna Mae

Dogs do speak, but only to those who listen.

More: Two peas in a pod, [Luna Mae] and I go hiking and chase tennis balls in the morning and at night, even in the dark. She is a Champagne Lab who was born amongst a family of silver labs, so she’s already rarer than most. The first part of her name “Luna” is Latin for “the moon,” and can also mean “The moon’s light” (or) “Lighting up the Darkness.” Why you ask? - She came into my life during a very dark time and became a North Star for me, a guiding light, of which has since “lit up” my own darkness. The lantern at my feet. The second part of her name “Mae” is for the month she was born in (May). Actually, we were both born in May - which is what makes that aspect of her name special. Her, May 9th & Me, May 28th. A southern bell, alongside a southern gentleman - we were clearly meant for each other & our paths were meant to cross. Grateful with gratitude in my heart, she is absolutely treated like the princess she is. Heir to the throne in the age of Aquarius. Luna Mae.