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"Racing through the snow and loving every minute of it!"

More: Mae is my little goofball puppy who has a personality as big as her heart! Insanely intelligent and a fast learner, Mae has been the funnest dog to train! She has never met a stranger and loves everyone and everything she meets, she's just got the absolute sweetest personality! Mae is also a giant ball of energy, always looking for something or someone to play with, whether it be playing toys, training for agility or rally, or playing with the other dogs in the house. Mae brings out the puppy in all the older dogs, as well as the kid in me! She loves to go hiking and often gets the "zoomies" from excitement! She is often racing through the woods trying to catch her older sister Nala or get me to run along with her! Mae is such a special little puppy in that she can always make you smile, and has made it her purpose in life to make sure that you never sit on the couch or do anything alone or without a smile! She's my happy, special, "heart puppy"!